Valtrex to Treat Herpes in Children

Herpes is most dangerous for children, who are often sick, and thus have a reduced immune system. With the aggravation of herpes kids are facing as a result of hypothermia or, on the contrary, overheating in the sun, and in the time for them to change their usual home environment and begin attending kindergarten or school. Nervous stress of unfamiliar ambiance and a huge number of microbes contribute to the weakening of the protective forces of the child’s body, resulting herpes appearance.

At the initial stage of the disease the child begins to itch and burn, skin rash at the site of the future reddens and swells. In some cases, the child appears weak. Then bubbles appear above. Gradually give way to bubbles erosions covered with a crust. At this time, the baby’s body temperature can rise, there may be mild intoxication. On average, the symptoms stay for about a week and then disappear.

If the doctor’s diagnose is herpes – the first, try to locate and neutralize the infection that gets into the body, using antiviral agents in the form of pills or topical ointments. These drugs include Famvir, Acyclovir and Valtrex. Moreover, trying to avoid aggravation repeated infection using vaccines. But usually, the latter are not particularly effective against herpes. It is essential to strengthen the immune system of the child, using interferon and immune-boosting agents.

In addition to the usual rash on the skin around the mouth, it may be quite rare, but nonetheless occurring disease – herpes sore throat. The reasons for its occurrence are factors such as the neglect of the sick rules of personal hygiene and decreased immunity. The impetus for the development of herpes sore can serve as adenovirus or influenza.

Symptoms of the disease do not differ from the usual symptoms of a sore throat, so to define it is possible only after conducting special studies. But in any case, if there herpes angina children it is treated the same as in the conventional angina.

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