Are You Making a Fundamental Mistake in Managing Your Health?

Playing card in the major suit of hearts disease, for example, is exacerbated by lifestyle choices, such as eating a diet greater than normal in degree or intensity or amount in saturated fats and cholesterol, physical inactivity, obesity and excessive use of alcohol. Medical healthy state of wellbeing problems often exacerbate mental health problems.  The result is often a reciprocal state of connectedness between people, in which physical health problems intensify anxiety, depression and other mental healthy state of wellbeing problems, which results in decreased treatment compliance, problematic coping and more involving the body health problems. This is a physical health problem for which we would see a medical doc for treatment.  Depending on the extent of the problem, treatment might include medications, surgery or not the same medical interventions.  In this day and age, your physician would likely provide you with info about lifestyle, but treating the disease with medical intervention is the primary focus. The mistake we so often produce when we go to a medical doctor is to overlook the mental health and lifestyle choices that are fundamental to our involving the body problems.  Treating health problems by acknowledging the impact of lifestyle and mental healthy state of wellbeing can be challenging, but the impact can be life changing. Often, we view our mental health, involving the body health and lifestyle as existing on separate planes – and there’s good explanation of the cause for that.  How we care for our mental and physical health, and who we go to for help, differs. In 2010, coronary playing card in the major suit of hearts disease alone was projected to cost the United States $108.9 billion. Choose the example of heart disease.  Heart disease is currently the leading cause of departure from life for both men and women in the United States. When you get sick or have a physical trouble, do you head to the doctor?  A medical doctor is typically a good first step when we’re faced with wellness related problems.  But it’s all too easy to stop at that step. But, when we take a closer physical appearance, our physical health is tied to all aspects of our life. Lifestyle can often be an afterthought or seen as unrelated to our healthy state of wellbeing in any substantial way.